Information related to LSIs

Here you can find an overview of documents relevant for smaller euro area banks classified as less significant institutions (LSIs) that have been published by the ECB.

SREP for less significant institutions (LSIs)

In August 2018, the ECB published a harmonised Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) methodology for LSIs, developed together with the national competent authorities (NCAs). This common methodology, applicable to the supervision of smaller banks in the euro area, is based on principles and methods used in the supervision of significant institutions but is adapted, simplified and tailored to the specificities of LSIs. It aims to foster a consistent supervisory approach in the euro area, and to support NCAs in their day-to-day supervisory responsibilities. The NCAs are now implementing the harmonised SREP methodology for LSIs, and aiming for full implementation by 2020.

Fintech credit institution licence applications

In March 2018, following a public consultation, the ECB published the Guide to assessments of fintech credit institution licence applications. It seeks to enhance transparency for potential fintech bank applicants and to increase their understanding of the procedure and criteria applied by the ECB when assessing licence applications. This transparency is also intended to facilitate the application process. The guide includes considerations that are particularly relevant to the specific nature of banks with fintech business models, and should be read in conjunction with the general ECB licensing guides.

Options and discretions

In April 2017, following a public consultation, the ECB published a guideline and a recommendation that harmonised the rules on options and discretions available in European Union law. The NCAs were expected to apply the recommendation from the date of its adoption on 4 April 2017 and comply with the guideline as of 1 January 2018. In its oversight function, the ECB monitors the implementation of the agreed options and discretions by NCAs.

Institutional protection schemes

In 2016 the ECB published guidelines on how to assess institutional protection schemes (IPSs) and coordinate the activities of the ECB and NCAs in this respect. The guidelines ensure that the ECB and NCAs assess new IPS applications in a harmonised way, while consistently monitoring IPSs’ ongoing adherence to the legal requirements.