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IMAS portal

What is the IMAS portal

The IMAS portal allows supervised banks and third parties to submit information related to supervisory processes, track their status and exchange information with supervisors. If you already have an account you can sign in and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Sign in to the IMAS portal

Who can use the IMAS portal

The IMAS portal can be used by supervised banks (significant or less significant) and third parties (non-supervised entities or natural persons) depending on the process category.

Processes available via the IMAS portal

For significant and less significant banks

For significant banks only

Regime of use

The use of the IMAS portal is mandatory by law or as administrative practice in some countries and voluntary in others, also depending on the process category. For detailed information you can consult the regime of use.

How to get access

Supervised banks can create their own users and manage their users’ access to the IMAS portal. They appoint delegated administrators who carry out this task.

The ECB acts as the administrator of third-party user accounts.

Supervised banks (significant and less significant)

To register a new supervised bank, please visit the IMAS portal registration app.

For banks that are already registered, delegated administrators can access the ECB Identity Portal and the IMAS portal to add new users and grant individual user permissions, respectively. These administrators further appoint new delegated administrators for their organisation in the ECB Identity Portal.

Detailed instructions on how to access the portal can be found in the guides below.

User manual for delegated administrators How to access the IMAS portal for the first time Explaining the IMAS portal: how do I access different processes Quick Guide to supervisory applications

Third parties (non-supervised entities and natural persons)

Third-party user accounts are managed by the ECB. To register, modify or delete a third-party user account, please visit the IMAS portal registration app

How to receive support

For technical issues with the IMAS portal or the ECB Identity Portal, please contact the ECB Support Center at or +49 69 1344 7766.

For business questions, please contact your National Competent Authority. You can find contact details in the IMAS portal. Specifically for internal models, please contact your Joint Supervisory Team.

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