IMAS portal

Using the IMAS portal

The IMAS portal allows banks supervised by the ECB to submit information related to supervisory processes, track their status and exchange information with supervisors. If you already have an account you can sign in and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Sign in to the IMAS portal

What will happen next?

The IMAS Portal is being introduced in two phases. During the phasing-in period starting on 20 October 2020 only a limited number of significant banks will be able to access and use the portal. These banks have been notified separately. A full go-live is scheduled for January 2021. After this date, all banks directly supervised by the ECB will be able to use the portal.

Account activation

Trusted organisations can manage their own user accounts through the ECB Identity Portal. Delegated administrators can access the ECB Identity Portal to create new user accounts and the IMAS Portal to grant them fine-grained permissions.

  • To activate a user account contact your delegated administrator
  • To register delegated administrators please get in touch with your ECB contact person or contact the ECB support at

For a quick reference on account activation and other essential technical information, you can consult the user manual. Full guidance on the use of the portal is provided inside the platform itself.

User manual for account activation

How to receive support

Processes currently available via the IMAS Portal

Fit and proper assessments for significant banks

Significant banks can use the IMAS Portal to submit their applications for fit and proper assessment, track the status of these assessments and exchange related information with supervisors.

Fit and proper assessment

The use of the IMAS Portal for fit and proper assessments is mandatory by law or as administrative practice in some countries and voluntary in others. The map below shows the status in each participating country. The IMAS Portal does not change the way in which the ECB and national supervisory authorities cooperate: in all participating countries the national supervisory authority remains the entry point for fit and proper applications.

Quick Guide to fit and proper applications