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Draft ECB Regulation on supervisory fees

Object of the consultation

Object of the consultation

This consultation gives interested parties the opportunity to comment on the draft ECB Regulation on supervisory fees.

The draft Regulation sets out the arrangements under which the ECB will levy and collect the annual supervisory fee for expenditure incurred in relation to its supervisory tasks.

In particular, it establishes the methodology for:

  • determining the total amount of the annual supervisory fee;
  • calculating the individual amount to be paid per supervised entity or group.


Under the EU Regulation governing the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM Regulation), the ECB is required to levy an annual supervisory fee on supervised entities, i.e. credit institutions established in the participating Member States and branches established in a participating Member State by a credit institution established in a non-participating Member State. The fee is to cover expenditure incurred by the ECB in relation to the tasks conferred on it under Articles 4 to 6 of the SSM Regulation. The amount of the fee levied on an individual supervised entity is to be determined in accordance with arrangements established by the ECB.

Public hearing

Public hearing on 24 June

The ECB held a public hearing at its premises in Frankfurt am Main on 24 June 2014.

Programme for the public hearing

Public consultation documents


Regulation of the ECB of 22 October 2014 on supervisory fees (ECB/2014/41)


Feedback Statement: Responses to the public consultation on the draft Regulation of the European Central Bank on supervisory fees


Draft ECB Regulation on supervisory fees, including an explanatory note


Questions & Answers for the public consultation on the draft ECB Regulation on supervisory fees

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