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European banking supervision at a glance

4 November 2016 (updated 31 Nollaig 2020)

In the system of European banking supervision banks are supervised by the ECB and the national supervisors of the countries that participate in the system: all euro area countries as well as those other EU countries that have joined European banking supervision. The ECB supervises the largest banks in these countries while the smaller banks are under national supervision.

Objectives of European banking supervision

Safe and sound banks

Stable and integrated financial system

Consistent supervision of all banks

Interactive map of participating countries

Explore this interactive map to find out the 21 countries of the European Union that have joined European banking supervision.

Facts and figures

1,100 supervisors

More than 1,100 supervisors at the ECB

4,700 supervisors

More than 4,700 supervisors at national authorities

115 significant banks

115 significant banks under direct ECB supervision, representing 81% of euro area banking assets

2,552 less significant banks

2,552 less significant banks under direct national supervision, representing 19% of euro area banking assets


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