Fee factors

Fee factors are data about a supervised bank or banking group used to calculate the annual supervisory fee.

The annual supervisory fee payable by each supervised bank or banking group is determined by allocating the total annual costs for each category – significant or less significant – to the individual banks and banking groups based on their “fee factors”.

The fee factors refer to a bank’s size and risk profile, including risk-weighted assets, which are measured by the total value of assets and the total risk exposure respectively. In the case of banking groups, they are calculated at the highest level of consolidation and receive equal weight.

ECB Regulation on supervisory fees

For calculating the annual supervisory fee of banks or banking groups that are classified as less significant owing to “particular circumstances”, total assets are capped at €30 billion, i.e. the threshold specified for the size criterion used for assessing significance.

SSM Regulation: Article 6(4)

SSM Framework Regulation: Articles 70 and 71

The sum of all fee debtors’ total assets and the sum of all fee debtors’ total risk exposure are published on the ECB’s website.

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Submitting the fee factors

Fee debtors have to submit annual fee factors to their relevant national supervisor by 1 July, or by the next business day if 1 July is not a business day, with a reference date of 31 December of the preceding year.

Once the ECB has finalised the fee factors data, each fee debtor is given five working days in which to comment in the event that they consider that data to be incorrect. Thereafter, the fee factors are used in the calculation of the individual supervisory fees. Fee debtors are notified when the fee factors data are available for comment using the contact details provided to the ECB.

If a fee debtor fails to provide the fee factors data, the ECB will determine the missing fee factors itself based on available information. Non-provision of fee factors is considered to be a breach of the ECB Regulation on supervisory fees and may trigger sanctions.

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