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Fit and proper assessments

Fit and proper assessments look into whether members of the management body of a supervised credit institution (and key function holders where relevant under national law) are suitable for their roles.

The management body must also be suitable to carry out its responsibilities and have a composition that contributes to effective management and balanced decision-making.

The ECB acts as a gatekeeper and is responsible for assessing the suitability of all members of the management bodies of all institutions under its direct supervision. Ensuring that credit institutions’ management bodies are “fit and proper” enhances the safety and soundness of individual institutions and strengthens the banking sector as a whole. It also helps strengthen the public’s trust in the euro area’s financial sector overall.

Overview of fit and proper assessments (objective, criteria and process)

The ECB carries out fit and proper assessments whenever a credit institution is first authorised to take up business. When appointments of members to the management bodies are part of a licensing or qualifying holding procedure, the fit and proper assessment forms part of the overall licensing or qualifying holding assessment. The ECB also assesses new members’ suitability whenever there are changes in the composition of management bodies.

For more information on these processes, please visit the Authorisations webpage.


The ECB considers five criteria within the fit and proper assessment:

  • reputation
  • experience
  • independence of mind/conflicts of interest
  • time commitment to duly perform the functions
  • collective suitability

National legal deadlines apply and vary from country to country.

Fit and proper assessmentFit and proper assessment

* or senior management, if delegated

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