Administrative Board of Review

The Administrative Board of Review carries out internal administrative reviews of the ECB’s supervisory decisions, ensuring that such decisions are compliant with the rules and procedures.

Administrative reviews may be requested by any person or legal entity directly affected by an ECB supervisory decision.

Guide to the costs of the review


The five members and two alternates are appointed for renewable terms of five years. They have professional supervisory experience and relevant knowledge in the field of banking, but cannot be current staff members of the ECB, national supervisors, or any other national or EU institution or body.

Administrative Board of Review (as at 13 January 2020)

Chair Jean-Paul Redouin
Vice-Chair Concetta Brescia Morra
Member F. Javier Arístegui Yáñez
Member André Camilleri
Member Gerd Häusler
Alternate René Smits
Alternate Ivan Šramko
Public declarations of commitments and public declarations of interests (English only)

Mediation panel

To ensure a separation between monetary policy and supervisory tasks, the Mediation Panel resolves differences of views regarding an objection by the Governing Council to a draft decision of the Supervisory Board.


One member per participating country, chosen from among the members of the Governing Council and the Supervisory Board.