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Change in situation

Newly authorised banks

A newly authorised bank located in a participating Member State (including those who joined European banking supervision through close cooperation) and not forming part of an existing supervised group must pay the annual supervisory fee.

The amount is calculated on the basis of the number of full months for which the bank has been supervised in the fee period. This means that a newly authorised bank must pay the fee covering the period from the first full month following the date of its authorisation to 31 December of that year.


Withdrawal of authorisation

A bank whose licence is revoked, or a supervised group that is supervised for only part of the fee period, must pay a supervisory fee covering the number of full months in the period from 1 January of the year concerned to the date on which its authorisation ceases. If it has already paid the fee for the relevant fee period, the ECB will refund the part of the fee covering the months after its authorisation ceased.


Change in status between significant and less significant

Supervised banks are classified as either significant or less significant, based on a number of criteria.

Criteria for determining significance

A change in status from significant to less significant, or vice versa, including as a result of a merger or acquisition, can mean a change in the amount of the annual supervisory fee. If the status of a supervised bank changes, the ECB will notify the supervised bank directly through an ECB decision that will explain the reasons for the change of status. The annual fee will be recalculated proportionately.

Change in situation after payment of the annual supervisory fees

If the status of a supervised bank or a supervised group changes after it has already paid the fee, the ECB will recalculate the fee and make a refund or issue an additional fee notice. Should you wish to notify the fees team about a change in your bank’s situation which could affect the fee, please send an email to

Fee factors applicable for changes in situation

In general, the reference date applicable for fee factors is 31 December of the preceding year. In the event of a change in situation which means that no fee factors exist for the usual reference date, then the reference date for the fee factors shall be the quarter-end closest to the change in situation.

Examples on submitting fee factors in FAQs

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