Supervisory fees

The ECB covers the costs of its supervisory tasks and responsibilities by levying an annual fee on all supervised banks.

Key dates
Deadline for nominating fee debtor (for banking groups only) 1 July 2016
Deadline for providing contact details of fee debtor 1 July 2016
Deadline for submission of fee factors 1 July 2016
Issuance of fee notice October 2016
Payment deadline November 2016

Who has to pay?

All supervised banks established in the participating countries.

Fee debtor

How is the fee calculated?

The fee is calculated according to the bank’s importance and risk profile. In principle, bigger banks with a higher risk profile pay higher fees.

Estimate your fee

How to pay the supervisory fee

There are various ways of paying the supervisory fee. Details are given in the annual fee notice.

Fee notice and payment

What are the fee factors?

Fee factors are data about a supervised bank used to calculate the annual supervisory fee.

Fee factors