List of supervised banks

The ECB maintains a list of all significant banks under its direct supervision and less significant banks under its indirect supervision.

The list of supervised entities is updated regularly and reflects all decisions on bank significance that entered into force before the relevant cut-off date.

Number of banks directly supervised by the ECB: 114

List of all supervised entities (cut-off date for changes: 1 July 2021)
Changes from last update
Previous lists of all supervised entities

Introduction to the list (including its legal basis)

The ECB reviews the significance status of all banks under European banking supervision every year. It also carries out ad hoc assessments during the year whenever necessary, for instance in the context of the granting of authorisations (licensing), the withdrawal of authorisations, or when changes occur in the structure of a group.

Criteria for determining significance

The 2020 annual review resulted in the following changes in the list of significant entities:

  • Two new banks were classified as significant: LP Group B.V. from the Netherlands met the size criterion (over €30 billion in assets) and Agri Europe Cyprus Limited became one of the three most significant banks in Slovenia.
  • For three banks that were already significant, the grounds for significance changed: two of them now meet the size criterion and one now has significant cross-border activities.

Detailed information on changes resulting from the annual review

Beyond the annual review, Bulgaria’s and Croatia’s move to join European banking supervision in 2020 led to five Bulgarian banks and eight Croatian banks being newly classified as significant. In addition, a methodological change aimed at avoiding double counting led to three banks being excluded from the list of significant banks.

Types of supervised entities

In the SSM Framework Regulation, the types of supervised banks are referred to as:

  • credit institutions established in participating Member States
  • financial holding companies established in participating Member States
  • mixed financial holding companies established in participating Member States
  • branches established in participating Member States by credit institutions established in non-participating Member States