Banking supervision at the ECB is organised into:

  • the Supervisory Board
  • four business units, known as Directorates General, or DGs
  • the Secretariat to the Supervisory Board

The four DGs are Microprudential Supervision I, II, III and IV.

DGs MS I and II are home to the ECB members of the Joint Supervisory Teams (JSTs).

Each JST is headed by a coordinator from the ECB and supported by one or more sub-coordinators from the national supervisory authorities. The teams comprise supervisors from both the ECB and the national authorities.

Joint Supervisory Teams

Support services

Several other ECB units and services support ECB Banking Supervision in carrying out its supervisory tasks.

These “shared services” include IT, human resources, budget, legal, statistics, communications and administration.

Chair and Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board

Microprudential Supervision I

  • Significant Bank Supervision I-VII, XVI

Microprudential Supervision III

  • Analysis & Methodological Support
  • Institutional & Sectoral Oversight
  • Supervisory Oversight & NCA Relations

Secretariat to the Supervisory Board

  • Authorisation
  • Enforcement & Sanctions
  • SSM Decision-making
  • Supervisory Quality Assurance

Microprudential Supervision II

  • Significant Bank Supervision VIII-XV

Microprudential Supervision IV

  • Centralised On-Site Inspections
  • Crisis Management
  • Internal Models
  • Methodology & Standards Development
  • Planning & Coordination of Supervision
  • SSM Risk Analysis
  • Supervisory Policies