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ECB Youth Dialogue

We know that the decisions we take can have an impact on your day-to-day life. That’s why we want to make sure that you not only hear from or about us, but also have the chance to talk directly to and with us.

The ECB Youth Dialogue gives you the chance to do exactly that. We hold events around Europe – and online – that put you in direct contact with ECB policymakers so you can ask any questions you have and share your views with us.

Youth Dialogues on topics relating to central banking

Youth Dialogue with Andrea Enria, Rome, December 2019

Students and alumni from the Sapienza University of Rome talked with Andrea Enria, Chair of the Supervisory Board, about European banking supervision, transparency, digitalisation and other topics. Mr Enria also asked the participants about the challenges they face as aspiring professionals in the financial sector.

The event, which was held in partnership with the university’s Faculty of Economics, was an excellent opportunity for participants to express their concerns and views about the future of European banking supervision with a senior policymaker. Mr Enria offered practical advice and recommendations to those interested in pursuing a career in banking supervision. Here are the highlights from the discussion!

...on transparency

The sensitivity of the general public towards banks has increased since the crisis. As supervisors we need to be more transparent about what we do, including how we assess banks.
– Andrea Enria

...on what motivates him as a European supervisor

Europe is a big driver for me. Working together has always been fascinating, enriching and very motivating. And supervision allows me to combine my passion for working in the public interest and being at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world.
– Andrea Enria

...on the challenges banks face

Digitalisation will pose major challenges to banks in the future.
– Andrea Enria

...on what we can do to fight climate change

As supervisors, one of the things we can do is carry out stress tests. These can help banks to manage their risks in the long term.
– Andrea Enria

...on his vision for Europe

The introduction of the euro was a historic moment. Now we need to make every possible effort to complete the banking union and make sure we can manage future banking crises.
– Andrea Enria

...on tips for young professionals

Integrity is an important part of the job: take responsibility and take risk when you think things could be improved! Speaking up pays off in the long term.
– Andrea Enria

Watch the full event

Past events

Youth Dialogue with Andrea Enria and Elisa Ferreira, Lisbon, July 2019

Young professionals working in the financial industry in Lisbon talked with Andrea Enria, Chair of the Supervisory Board, and Elisa Ferreira, Vice-Governor of the Banco de Portugal, about European banking supervision, ethics in finance, digitalisation and other topics.

The event, which was held in partnership with Banco de Portugal, was an excellent opportunity for young professionals to share their thoughts, their experiences and the challenges they face with senior policymakers, while learning from each other’s perspectives. Here’s a taste of the discussion!

...on gender diversity

Having different views involved, having people that are able to challenge decisions of executives, I think, is key for good governance.
– Andrea Enria

...on big tech

Big tech companies have a large amount of information and captive customers. This is an area I am concerned about: payments, forex and consumer credits – and how this can affect banking.
– Andrea Enria

...on the need for the European Deposit Insurance Scheme

Until there is the necessary political will to complete the missing pieces of the Banking Union – including a fully-fledged common deposit scheme – we must take small technical steps to mitigate the big stability risks arising from the present incomplete architecture.
– Elisa Ferreira

...on what artificial intelligence can do for banking

Artificial intelligence can also be used on the supervisory side. We could use it to identify red lights which helps banks manage their risks.
– Andrea Enria

We have to work on transparent and explainable AI to make sure the outputs are fair, transparent and trustworthy for the society at large.
– Bernardo Caldas, participant (Head of data science and artificial intelligence at Novo Banco)

...on climate-related risks

Bankers need to look beyond the short-term horizon when managing risks to tackle climate change. We have not yet challenged this short-sightedness.
– Andrea Enria

...on current challenges for young bankers

Your generation has been particularly hit by the financial crisis, and starting a career in finance at that time must have been really difficult. The key change needed is culture, i.e. the way that bankers perceive their responsibilities – also towards the society at large. This cannot be fixed with rules, but it must be nourished within the sector itself.
– Andrea Enria

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Youth Dialogue with Danièle Nouy and Sabine Lautenschläger, Frankfurt, November 2018

Students and alumni from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management had the chance to talk to the heads of European banking supervision about their work to keep banks safe and Europe’s financial sector strong and stable, in the interests of all of us.

With their terms of office drawing to a close, Supervisory Board Chair Danièle Nouy and Vice-Chair Sabine Lautenschläger looked back on what has been achieved since European banking supervision was established in 2014 and shared their experiences of what it was like doing something that had never been done before.

Here’s a taster of the discussion!

...on setting up ECB Banking Supervision

We were a tiny start-up in a powerful incubator. – Danièle Nouy

We were able to make use of, for example, HR and IT services already established in the ECB. – Sabine Lautenschläger

...on supervision as a career

If you have a strong education, you can learn the rest. And it’s not boring at all – sometimes I wish it was more boring! There’s always work to be done. – Danièle Nouy

...on cryptocurrencies

They are not currencies – they are digital assets. – Sabine Lautenschläger

They are a kind of casino! – Danièle Nouy

...on the next crisis

Our job is to make sure banks are resilient so they are ready for the next crisis, whenever it comes. – Danièle Nouy

...on bureaucracy

If you have to move 26 authorities and 3,000 staff and ensure equal treatment of everyone, you need to have procedures. Then it’s not bureaucracy, it’s a way of ensuring credibility. – Sabine Lautenschläger

...on the biggest challenge so far

European banks started with €1 trillion of bad loans. Now we’re at €650 billion because we put the right tools in place. – Danièle Nouy

...on Fridays

I like my job best on Fridays! Lots of us get together for a regular meeting that day and it’s always unbelievably rewarding to see everyone’s commitment, to learn from the different pools of experience and to design the future of European banking supervision together. – Sabine Lautenschläger

...on traineeships

The ECB offers traineeships in supervision to students from many different fields of study. Just keep an eye on the website! – Danièle Nouy

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Watch the full event Photos
Youth Dialogue with Danièle Nouy, Madrid/Spain, May 2018

Danièle Nouy, Chair of the Supervisory Board, met with a group of young professionals working in the financial industry in Madrid. They had many questions for her, not only about European banking and financial stability, but also about ethics in finance, digitalisation and other more personal topics, such as what motivates her to do the work she does.

The event, which was held in partnership with Banco de España, was a great opportunity for younger professionals to share their thoughts and experiences with a senior policymaker and to learn from each other’s perspectives.

Here’s a taster of the discussion!

...on ethics

Banks’ reputations suffered with the crisis. How do we regain people’s trust?

Ethics are crucial. Banks need to take a longer-term view and act ethically. You can help to make banking safer and better.

...on digitalisation

We are working hard to adapt to the new environment we’re in. Are regulators doing the same?

Yes, we are working as hard as you to adapt. I have been doing supervision for 40 years, but I’m learning something new every day. That’s the beauty of the job. It’s very intellectually stimulating to do this job!

...on fintech

In my opinion, one of the biggest threats to European banking is the entrance of new players. What’s your view on fintech?

I think innovation is the name of the game. There will always be customers that will pay for traditional banking services, while others, like my granddaughter, do everything by phone. There is room for all kinds of bank. But fintechs offering banking services will be supervised as banks.

...on mergers

Do you think there should be more mergers and acquisitions in Europe?

We need fewer banks, but there are different ways of fixing the issue. Banks can be wound down or they can merge. But mergers need to be strategic and result in sustainable banks. Two ducks don’t make a swan – especially two sick ducks!

...Danièle Nouy on meeting the young professionals
...the young professionals on meeting Danièle Nouy

I really enjoyed meeting these young people – they had very good questions on many topics. They were not shy!

She was really clear and I think it was really enriching and a really positive experience. It was casual, natural, I felt really comfortable. – Marcela Nario

I think this is a wonderful way to exchange views with young people working in banks. – Federico Power Esteban

Photos from the event

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