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ECB Banking Supervision decides supervisory fees for 2014-15

29 April 2015
  • ECB supervisory fees for banks to be €326 million for 2014-15

  • 123 significant banks to pay 89% of the cost; 3,500 less significant banks, 11%

The total amount of fees to be recovered by the ECB for the costs of its prudential supervision of the euro area banking sector in the 2014-15 period will be €326 million.

This breaks down into €30 million for the costs incurred in the final two months of 2014 (as of the moment when the ECB assumed operational responsibility for supervision), as published in the annual accounts of the ECB for 2014, and €296 million for the anticipated expenditure for the full year 2015.

Reflecting the ECB’s supervisory focus, €289.7 million, or 89%, of the total amount will be recovered from the 123 significant banks directly supervised by the ECB. The remaining €36.3 million, or 11%, will be recovered from the approximately 3,500 less significant banks indirectly supervised by the ECB.
The total amount of €326 million for the 2014-15 period follows a preliminary estimate in May 2014 that costs would be in the region of €300 million, while, at 11%, the proportion to be recovered from indirectly supervised banks is lower than the initial estimate of 15%.

At bank level, the fees will be calculated according to a bank’s importance and risk profile. All euro area banks have to supply the data for calculating their specific fees by 1 July 2015. The total fees for each individual bank will then be allocated and invoices will be sent in late 2015.

As ECB Banking Supervision further increases its understanding of the banks it supervises, it may identify areas that require additional supervisory attention. This may have an impact on the total expenditure incurred for banking supervision. As a consequence, the steady-state level of the ECB’s total supervisory expenditures will only emerge in the medium term.

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