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Senior Supervisor in Significant Bank Supervision

What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

I find it very motivating to have the opportunity to meet people with different approaches to the same supervisory tasks, as well as being able to share my own previous experiences and opinions with others, learning lots along the way.

In my particular case, going from being responsible for a local retail bank in Spain to being involved in the supervision of a big international player, such as the Deutsche Bank, is a fruitful experience in terms of my career development.

On top of that, being part of the implementation of a single banking supervisor for the Eurosystem is a meaningful and challenging task in the sense of making it possible to improve financial stability by drawing lessons from the crisis.

How my work makes a difference

I joined banking supervision on 1 September 2014 and am thus quite new here at the ECB. However, my role as an experienced banking supervisor from a country where savings banks were hit by a severe crisis is useful for the team across all different areas.

I’ve participated so far in both internal and external meetings, for example with BaFin and the Bundesbank. I also attended a kick-off meeting for the Joint Supervisory Teams (JST) at the Deutsche Bank. The meeting of this team, which is the biggest JST, involved nearly 70 people! I find that this is the biggest challenge we face: building good, cooperative relationships with all the NCA’s, as well as with Deutsche Bank.

I believe that being a strong team player is key for the success of the organisation. This was also the case for my previous role at the Banco de España, so I expect it to be easy for me to fit in.

Common sense is also required to deal with day-to-day issues and I hope to help my bosses with their decisions by making reasonable assessments of the different risk areas.

Three things I like about Frankfurt

I was glad to find out that Frankfurt has a very lively ambience, and it was easy to find bars and restaurants with nice terraces close to my very first residence in Merianplatz.

I also like the fact that I can use the ECB changing facilities, which means that after work I can go running along the river, which is a perfect location for jogging!

Regarding the search for longer-term accommodation, it was very useful to have access to the relocation services provided by the ECB. They arranged meetings for me, negotiated with landlords and took me around the city.

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