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What we offer

If you join the ECB, you will be actively fostering and supporting the safety and soundness of Europe’s economy, contributing to decisions that affect the lives of more than 330 million people. You will be working in a dynamic multicultural environment, with colleagues from across Europe.

We value our employees, and you will have many opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills throughout your career. Take a look at what we have to offer: working at the ECB means much more than just an attractive salary.

Salaries and benefits

We offer internationally competitive salaries and allowances. Taxes on salaries, allowances and benefits are paid to the European Communities instead of the national tax authorities.

Net Salary Table
Salary band Fixed-term contract
Minimum monthly net salary*
Short-term contract
Minimum monthly net salary*
  Bracket 1
Step 1
Bracket 2
Step 1
Bracket 3
Step 1
Bracket 1
Step 1
Bracket 2
Step 1
Bracket 3
Step 1
A €2,712 €2,930   €3,538 €3,818  
B €2,943 €3,181   €3,835 €4,137  
C €3,276 €3,670   €4,257 €4,745  
D €3,780 €4,225   €4,882 €5,431  
E €4,401 €4,902   €5,645 €6,250  
E/F €4,401 €4,902 €5,564 €5,645 €6,250 €7,037
F €5,191 €5,837   €6,594 €7,359  
F/G €5,191 €5,758 €6,499 €6,595 €7,267 €8,120
G €6,092 €6,805   €7,657 €8,453  
H €7,350 €8,067   €9,033 €9,835  
I €7,907 €8,628   €9,653 €10,529  
J €8,533 €9,276 €10,284 €10,405 €11,374 €12,688
K €11,055          
L €12,676          
* Full time position, with deductions for social contributions: accident insurance (mandatory), health and long term care insurances (optional) and pension.
For fixed-term contracts, 20.7334% of your basic salary is paid into the ECB pension scheme. For short-term contracts, the same percentage is paid as cash equivalent hence the higher minimum basic net salary.

Salaries are reviewed annually based on each staff member’s personal development and contribution to the performance of the organisation.

Depending on your type of contract, you will be entitled to certain allowances and benefits that are specially designed to support you and your family in various aspects also of your private life.

Career development


To support you to increase your expertise and broaden your skills, you can always apply for a new position within the ECB.

There are several options for mobility both within the organisation and beyond. Vacancies are usually first advertised internally, and staff members are encouraged to apply. Some members of staff also take part in intra-divisional mobility schemes and job swaps. Furthermore, there are opportunities for temporary secondment to other central banks and to European and international organisations.


During your staying at the ECB you will be constantly encouraged to develop your expertise and gain new skills. To support you in this process, we offer a wide range of in-house training, including generic and specific job-related training, coaching in personal and interpersonal skills, training in people management, as well as language training. All courses are tailored to the specific needs of our institution and staff. Staff members may also attend external courses for specific job-related training.

Performance management

Managers monitor the performance of their staff by means of ongoing and open dialogue. They allocate work, define objectives, review performance, provide feedback and assess areas for development. The annual appraisal exercise consolidates this ongoing developmental process. Our competency framework and corporate values support this process.


Depending on your contract type, you can become a member of the ECB Pension Scheme. The Scheme provides you with an income after you retire from the ECB. It also provides benefits for your family in the event of your death.

Health at work

Medical cover

Because your health is important to us, the ECB Health insurance provides worldwide medical cover to all our staff members, including Trainees and staff on short-term assignments. Two-thirds of the cost is borne by the ECB, with one-third paid by staff. Dependent spouses/recognised partners and children can also be covered under the plan.

Accident insurance

Staff members also have accident insurance cover which provides benefits in the event that a staff member has an accident resulting in a disability or death in service. Two-thirds of the cost is borne by the ECB, with one-third paid by the insured person. Family members or recognised partners cannot be covered under this policy.

Additional services

In each of our locations an on-site Medical Centre provides a full range of occupational health services, including vaccinations.


Depending on your contract type, a relocation service helps staff members to move to Frankfurt am Main as smoothly and easily as possible. This service includes assistance in finding suitable accommodation, help with negotiations with prospective landlords, the performance of checks on the rental contract and the provision of guidance on legal issues and other regulations.

For further information please check the dedicated pages for new employees. The information is sorted by contract type.

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