List of national webpages and forms for authorisation procedures

National supervisors, i.e. the national competent authorities (NCAs), serve as entry points for applications and notifications related to the authorisation procedures (fit and proper, licensing and qualifying holdings) for all banks in the euro area.

Fit and Proper Questionnaire

The banks should use the national forms for application or notification where available.

Austria Belgium Cyprus Estonia

Fit and proper:

General information on all authorisation procedures, including Licensing and Qualifying Holdings:

Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy

Fit and proper:
Banca d'Italia - Circolare n. 229 del 21 aprile 1999 - Istruzioni di Vigilanza per le banche

Licensing/Qualifying holdings: no free form


Fit and proper:
Financial and Capital Market Commission - FKTK

Licensing/Qualifying holdings:
FKTK - Licensing of banks


Authorisation procedures:
Lietuvos Bankas - Licensing Guide


Authorisation procedures:
Malta Financial Services Authority - MFSA

The Netherlands Portugal Slovakia Slovenia

Authorisation procedures:
Banka Slovenije - Banking Supervision