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Does the suspected breach that you wish to report concern a competent authority or a supervised entity?*

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The term competent authority refers to national competent authorities (NCAs) in the Member States as well as the ECB.

Under the SSM Framework Regulation, the types of supervised entities are referred to as: credit institutions, financial holding companies, mixed financial holding companies, branches of credit institutions established in non-participating countries.

List of supervised banks

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If the country where the suspected breach occurred is not on this list, please select ‘Other’ and specify it later on in the field labelled 'Describe the nature of the suspected breach of relevant Union law'.

You may specify up to 10 different countries/supervised entities.

Additional information regarding the suspected breach:
Supporting documents

Upon submitting this form, you will receive a unique ID number which you can use to send these documents to the ECB.

How could the ECB obtain these documents?
How could the ECB obtain these documents?
Prior reporting

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Authorities include law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and other prudential supervisors.

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The ECB will not reveal the identity of an informant without first obtaining his/her explicit consent. However, in the case the ECB receives a court order in the context of further investigations or subsequent judicial proceedings, the ECB is obliged by law to reveal the identity of an informant, even without the informant’s explicit consent.

Do you consent to the ECB forwarding your personal data to NCAs if relevant for the follow up procedure on your report?

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