European Central Bank
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Supervisory sanctions

Sanctions imposed by the ECB

In accordance with Article 18(6) of the SSM Regulation and Article 132 of the SSM Framework Regulation, penalties imposed by the ECB within the remit of its supervisory tasks are published below.

Date of ECB decision Supervised entity Amount (in EUR) Area of infringement Publication Status
21/12/2018 Novo Banco, SA 200,000 Large Exposures   Appealable before the Court of Justice of the European Union
200,000 Capital requirements  
210,000 Reporting  
16/07/2018 Crédit Agricole, S.A 4,300,000 Own funds   Appealed
16/07/2018 Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank 300,000 Own funds   Appealed
16/07/2018 CA Consumer Finance 200,000 Own funds   Appealed
14/3/2018 Banco de Sabadell, S.A. 1,600,000 Own funds   Appealed
24/8/2017 Banca Popolare di Vicenza S.p.A. in liquidazione coatta amministrativa 8,700,000 Reporting and public disclosure   Final decision
2,500,000 Large exposures
13/7/2017 Permanent tsb Group Holdings plc 750,000 Liquidity   Final decision
1,750,000 Liquidity

Sanctions imposed by the NCAs in proceedings opened at the ECB’s request

In accordance with Article 18(5) of the SSM Regulation and Article 134 of the SSM Framework Regulation, the ECB may ask the relevant national competent authorities to open proceedings with a view to imposing penalties if appropriate. Those proceedings that resulted in the imposition of penalties are listed below.

Date of decision Supervised entity / natural person National competent authority Publication
03/10/2018 Citibank Europe plc Central Bank of Ireland  
22/12/2017 29 natural persons related to Veneto Banca S.p.A. Banca d’Italia  
25/5/2017 26 natural persons related to Banca Popolare di Vicenza S.p.A. Banca d’Italia  
9/11/2016 Caceis Bank Deutschland GmbH Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht  
6/10/2016 KBC Bank Ireland Plc Central Bank of Ireland