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Supervision Newsletter February 2018


“Things are moving along the right path”

Pentti Hakkarainen, ECB representative member on the Supervisory Board since February 2017, talks about the challenges ECB Banking Supervision is facing, including in his focus areas of budgetary issues, auditing, and technological advancement.

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In Focus

Brexit: Booking models and "empty shells"

Brexit has triggered a discussion of booking models and hedging practices. These can slow the development of local capabilities, which can create operational risks and financial stability issues for the empty shell’s host country.

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Capital and risks: inspecting internal models

The ECB inspects banks’ internal models for calculating how much capital they need to hold to adequately cover risks. Close collaboration with national supervisors and a holistic approach ensure that the ECB approaches banks on equal terms.

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Fit and proper for better governance

Assessing banks’ board members’ suitability in a consistent manner across the euro area remains challenging. National legal frameworks in the 19 member countries need to be taken into consideration while trying to employ a consistent approach.

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Inspecting risks and operations on-site

Inspections on banks’ premises are supervisors’ most intrusive tool and a powerful complement to off-site supervision. They provide in-depth analyses of the situation of banks, focusing on risks, internal control systems, business models and governance.

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Outsourcing opportunities and challenges

Technological progress brings new opportunities for banks, but they are not without risks. The ECB is closely monitoring the situation and has conducted a thematic review of banks’ outsourced activities and how they manage the risks.

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Key data

CET1 ratios over 10%

The Supervisory Banking Statistics for Q3 2017 show, for the first time, that all banking groups directly supervised by the ECB have CET1 ratios greater than 10%. Moreover, the number of supervised banks with CET1 ratios higher than 20% has remained stable year-on-year.

Supervisory Banking Statistics

Did you know...

… that the euro area banking sector has seen a significant degree of consolidation since the financial crisis? Between 2008 and 2016 the number of banks in the euro area declined by 25%, to 5,073. While there are fewer banks in the euro area, they are more profitable and resilient. The regulatory capital ratio (CET1) increased from 8.7% to 16.1%, again from 2008 to 2016. The cost-to-income ratio fell from 67% to 58% in the same period.

Report on financial structures
Upcoming Events
Mid-March 2018

Publication of addendum to NPL guidance

The addendum to the ECB Guidance to banks on non-performing loans will ber published, supplementing the guidance published on 20 March 2017.

26 March 2018

Annual Report: Publication and hearing

The ECB Annual Report on supervisory activities 2017 will be published. Supervisory Board Chair Danièle Nouy will present the report to the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) at the European Parliament.

Recent Highlights
7 February 2018

Annual ECB Banking Supervision press conference

Supervisory Board Chair Danièle Nouy and Vice-Chair Sabine Lautenschläger discuss the progress achieved in European banking supervision in 2017 and the objectives for the future.

Introductory statement (with Q&As)
24 January 2018

Speech by Danièle Nouy on issues banks and supervisors need to address in 2018

Argues that conditions have never been better since the financial crisis so now is the time to deal with the challenges banks are facing: enhancing profitability and cleaning up balance sheets.

18 December 2017

ECB's 2017 SREP shows that amount of capital demand remains broadly stable

Outcome of the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process shows that the capital directly supervised banks are expected to hold will be broadly stable from 2017 to 2018, but profitability and non-performing loan risks remain.

Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process in 2017
15 December 2017

ECB publishes draft guide on assessment of internal models for calculating counterparty credit risk

Explains how supervisors assess compliance of internal models for counterparty credit risk and credit valuation adjustment risk with legal requirements and seeks industry feedback by 31 March 2018.

Press release
30 November 2017

Financial Times publishes opinion piece by Danièle Nouy on NPLs

Explains that the ECB has a legal obligation to address the banking sector’s vulnerabilities, for example by assessing the provisioning used by banks, and that planned guidance will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Opinion piece
24 November 2017

ECB thematic review finds banks are making progress in implementing IFRS 9 accounting standard

Finds that on the basis of information reported by directly supervised banks that were better prepared in the first quarter of 2017 to implement IFRS 9, the fully loaded average negative impact on CET1 is estimated to be 0.4%.

Press release

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