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Nina, Head of Section
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Head of Section in Significant Bank Supervision

What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

I have always liked working with people from different countries/cultures, as it widens your views, ideas and opportunities. In a national competent authority this is only possible to a certain extent.

In addition, working for the ECB offered me the opportunity to further develop my career and is a major step, especially considering my age. The prospects for professional development at the ECB seem broad and being mentored is a great opportunity.

What surprised me the most was the level of respect that I was shown by my business area when I was successful in the ECB’s recruitment process and was offered the position.

By being part of banking supervision, especially in its preparatory phase, I have experienced the unique spirit displayed by highly motivated pioneers that put all their efforts together to achieve something that really is without precedent.

How my work makes a difference

Being part of banking supervision means two things. First, in the preparatory phase, my efforts were focused on contributing to the creation of a whole new organisation from scratch, setting up processes, recruiting highly-motivated staff and putting everything that had been developed so far into practice. Everyone’s contribution makes a difference when seeking best practice in each and every step.

Second, I am part of something unique, aiming to harmonise banking supervision across the whole euro area. In my previous role working for an NCA, the possibility of harmonising practice across borders was limited. My work should contribute to making banking supervision more integrated, streamlined and comparable across countries.

Three things I like about Frankfurt

Contrary to what you may have heard about Frankfurt, this city really is worth living in!

What I like most – being from a big city like Vienna – is that you can reach everything on foot in a matter of minutes. The public transport system is also good.

The river and its surroundings provide the city with a special flair, which has also enabled me to continue with my beloved running! One of the first things I did of course was join the ECB’s Sports and Social Club, where I really appreciate the efforts made to take care of ECB staff and make them feel at home.