Employee portrait

Martin, Supervisor
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Principal Supervisor in Analysis and Methodological Support

What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

I enjoy working in a multicultural environment with colleagues from various European countries. There is also this particular feeling that, by working for banking supervision, we are building something new for future generations.

I am enthusiastic about working with a motivated and dedicated team every day and being able to effectively discuss and solve issues with them.

How my work makes a difference

I work on the supervisory methodology relating to less significant institutions, i.e. the banks that are not directly supervised by the ECB.

My tasks include developing a framework for the analysis of financial data relating to these banks. The idea is that these reported figures will form the basis for assessing the risk presented by such institutions and their potential impact on domestic financial stability.

This involves devising a process whereby each institutioni is automatically assigned a score, which is then further challenged by expert judgement and discussions between the ECB and the relevant national supervisor. The aim is to build up a comprehensive picture of the banking system in Europe and to identify specific risk areas that will be relevant for further supervisory work.

Three things I like about Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city with lots of cultural venues. I particularly enjoy going to the opera.

I also like the fact that nature is just around the corner, and it is easy to take part in outdoor activities nearby (walking in the forest or biking along the Main).

Commuting is usually quick and convenient.