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Home town:

Kysucké Nové Mesto in the north west of Slovakia.


Graduate Programme participant in Budget, Controlling and Organisation

What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

My motivation to work for the ECB is twofold. First, I like the fact that working for the ECB means that I am able to work for one of the European institutions.

I agree with the values that underpin the establishment of the European Union, for example, preventing another European war, ensuring democracy and human rights, and establishing a common economic area.

Second, I enjoy the specific working environment of the ECB, which definitely supports my professional development. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to work in different business areas, get to know various working processes and meet professionals with different backgrounds.

The cultural diversity of staff at the ECB makes working here even more interesting.

How my work makes a difference

During the past year one of my main tasks has been to support the monitoring of the banking supervision preparatory process. This included collecting information on recent developments in the preparatory activities and drawing up reports based on this information.

The main aim was to provide the decision-making bodies with a comprehensive overview in order to help them to take the right decisions.

The most exciting project that I have been involved in has been the planning and monitoring of the banking supervision-related recruitment drive. It has been extremely interesting to see how recruiting hundreds of new supervisors, a task that seemed almost impossible a few months ago, has been accomplished successfully.

Three things I like about Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the perfect place for me: it is neither too big, nor too small. As a city it is very diverse and open, interconnected and never boring.

Living in Frankfurt has helped me to meet people from various countries, so I have been able to learn more about their cultures, customs and traditions.

In my view, as an institution, the ECB makes a huge amount of effort to help its international staff to integrate, so that Frankfurt soon feels like home.