Statistics glossary



special drawing right (SDR)
seasonally adjusted (s.a.)
Modified using a statistical technique designed to remove the effects of seasonal variations on a time series. Seasonal variations repeat themselves at around the same time every year and have a similar effect on the time series. A series may also be affected by calendar situations such as moving holidays (e.g. Easter). Time series with seasonal and calendar effects are usually adjusted for both.
secondary income (in a b.o.p. context)
An item in the current account pertaining to those current transfers between residents and non-residents that directly affect the level of gross national disposable income and thus influence the economy’s ability to consume goods and services.
security-by-security data collection
The collection of data broken down into individual securities.
services (in a b.o.p. context)
An item in the current account covering services produced through an arrangement made between a producer in one economy and a consumer or group of consumers in another, prior to the time production occurs.
social security funds
A sector defined in the ESA 2010 as comprising all central, state and local institutional units, the principal activity of which is to provide social security benefits and which fulfil both of the following two criteria: (i) certain groups of the population are required by law or by regulation to participate in the scheme or to pay contributions; and (ii) the general government is responsible for the management of the scheme.
special drawing right (SDR)
An international reserve asset created by the IMF to supplement other reserve assets that are periodically allocated to IMF members in proportion to their respective quotas. SDRs are not considered liabilities of the Fund, and IMF members to whom SDRs are allocated do not incur actual (unconditional) liabilities to repay SDRs allocated.
standing facility
A central bank credit facility available to counterparties at their own initiative. The Eurosystem offers two overnight standing facilities: the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility. See also
deposit facility
marginal lending facility
state government
A sector defined in the ESA 2010 as comprising separate institutional units exercising some of the functions of government (excluding the administration of social security funds) at a level below that of the central government and above that of local government.