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new business
An aggregate in MFI interest rate statistics that comprises any new agreement between a household or non-financial corporation and a credit or other institution, i.e. all financial contracts, the terms and conditions of which specify for the first time the interest rate on the deposit or loan, and all new negotiations of existing deposits and loans. Tacit renewals of existing deposit and loan contracts, i.e. renewals without any active involvement of the household or non-financial corporation concerned and not involving any renegotiating of the terms and conditions of the contracts, including the interest rate, are not considered new business.
non-financial corporation (NFC)
nominal effective exchange rate (EER) of the euro
Nominal euro EERs are weighted averages of bilateral euro exchange rates against the currencies of the euro area's main trading partners. The ECB publishes nominal EER indices for the euro against the currencies of a narrow and a broad group of trading partners. The weights used reflect the share of each partner country in euro area trade. See also
effective exchange rate (EER) of the euro
real effective exchange rate (EER) of the euro
non-financial corporation (NFC)
A corporation or quasi-corporation that is not engaged in financial intermediation but is active primarily in the production of market goods and non-financial services.
non-seasonally adjusted (n.s.a.)
Not adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects. See also
seasonally adjusted (s.a.)