Fixed-term convertible

Permanent positions are filled on the basis of three-year contracts, except for managerial and advisory positions, which are filled on the basis of five-year contracts.

A fixed-term contract may be converted into an unlimited contract. This is subject to a review procedure that takes into account both organisational considerations and individual performance.

A six-month probation period applies.

Fixed-term non-convertible

Non-convertible contracts are offered to cover either a specific time-limited organisational need or the absence of a staff member. If you are selected for such a position you will be offered a fixed-term contract of a limited duration which cannot be converted into a permanent contract. However, depending upon evolving organisational needs, such fixed-term contracts may be extended.

A six-month probation period applies.

The terms and conditions governing fixed-term contracts can be found in the Conditions of Employment.

Useful information

Once appointed to a fixed-term contract you will need to take care of all the administrative details to be able to join the ECB on the agreed starting date. For further information about the required documentation, the allowances and benefits and other formalities please check the dedicated page for Newcomers.

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